Watering and water conservation tips for the garden

Whilst we’re enjoying the peak of summer, our plants may be suffering due to the lack of water to sustain them. All plants need moisture around their roots in order that they can absorb the nutrients they require for growth, flowering and fruiting. Those in planters and containers especially so, as the same amount of roots are trying to do this in a smaller volume of soil or compost. As well as regularly watering, it’s also possible to optimise what you do so that you can save time and the amount of water you use in the process.

Six tips for water conservation

- Apply water in the evenings so that it can penetrate the ground before evaporating.

- Use offcuts of pipes sunk into the ground to allow water to get deeper and encourage deeper root growth.

- Reduce and remove floppy top growth where you can.

- Use ‘seeping’ hose pipes and water dispensers.

- Mulch the area around plants to keep the ground damp for longer.

- It’s better to water to the ground than over all the leaves, where scorching can occur.


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