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Marlows Home & Garden Privacy Notice

We have updated our privacy policy in line with new legislation, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

This notice explains how and why we use any personal information we collect about our customers through various methods. It also explains our lawful reason for processing the data, the customer’s right to access their data, delete their data and data security.

Any personal information provided or to be gathered by us is controlled by:
Marlows Home & Garden Centre
Hollow Road
Bury St. Edmunds
IP32 7AP

We collect customer information for a number of different reasons. When we collect customer data it is important to us that we are transparent regarding what we will use your data for, and we will only use the data for the purpose(s) agreed with you at the time you share your information with us. We also ensure your data is stored securely and it will not be shared with any third party.

Reasons we will collect your data are:

  • For customer order and delivery paperwork
  • To complete machinery workshop job paperwork
  • To register machinery product warranties
  • Through our website newsletter sign up
  • When customers wish to sign up to our Senior Saver loyalty scheme
  • When café customers sign up to use the coffee shop Wi-Fi*
  • Through competition entry forms

In any of these situations we may ask if we can use your information for other purposes, e.g. to send marketing material or to refer to for future communications with you, but we will always ask for your permission before doing this.
*When signing up to our café Wi-Fi, your data is recorded by Ocean Wifi, who then share your information with Marlows Home & Garden. To read their privacy policy, click here.

We will only store and process your data under following lawful reasons:

Legitimate Interest – this applies if the data; the customer benefits from the organisation having their data or it is in the customers interest for the organisation to keep their data. However, the data can only be used for the reason it was originally collected for and nothing else without consent.
Examples of this at Marlows include:

  • Storing a customer’s data whilst we process an order for them – we may take your name, address and contact details in order to order products in for you or for you to use our delivery service. It is in the interest of you, the customer, that we store your data until we have completed the delivery of your products as we would be unable to provide the service without this.
  • Storing loyalty scheme member data – it is in the interest of loyalty customers that we store their data as we need this information to effectively deliver the loyalty scheme service.

Informed Consent – this applies when we ask a customer if we can use their information for a particular reason and the customer gives us consent to do so. The information can only be used for the precise reason agreed.
Examples of this at Marlows include:

  • When you complete a competition entry we may ask if we can use your email address to send you newsletters and special offers by email – we will only do this if you tick to agree that we can.
  • When you book a job into our garden machinery workshop we may ask if we can keep a record of your information to refer to should you wish to book a job in again in the future – again, we will only do this if you give us permission to do so.

Data access requests and deletion
It’s important to us to make sure that our customers are aware that the data we have about you belongs to you. You have a right to request access to your data at any time and we will endeavour to gather all of the data and share it with you within a reasonable period of time. In some situations we may have to raise a fair and reasonable charge for this, but we’ll let you know if this is the case when the request is made. You also have full control over what data we keep about you, you could ask just to be removed from our mailing list or you could ask us to remove every piece of data we have about you – whatever the request, we will aim to complete it as soon as possible.

The security of our customer’s data is very important to us and we take great care in ensuring your data is kept safe. We will not pass your data on to any third party.

You can view our website use terms and conditions here


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