I love you and you love me - so would a little Christmas pampering be ok?

This is your dog speaking, yes that’s right the little furry one down here.  Anyway, so you love me right?  Well, here’s my Christmas wish list:

- House of Paws shampoo - I may not always show it but I love a good scrub - but lets up the luxe level a bit shall we?  I like to smell good - mango good, coconut cream fabulous - so take a look at House of Paws pooch hair care range shampoos and conditioners - we’ll all be happier and whiff good

- Flecta Vizlite Fluorescent Dog Jacket - light me up with a state of the art illuminated dog coat - it will keep me safer plus you’ll know where I am... most of the time...

- Ruff & Tumble after walk dog coats - so I got wet, I got muddy - its not like you didn’t encourage me!  What I would really like is one of these smart Ruff & Tumble towelling coats to dry me off afterwards and lull me to a well deserved nap .... PS - just to be clear, I’ll still be on the sofa.

Find these product in our main store and Pet store over the road - I said that I love you didn’t I?

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